California Almonds


Unearth the myriad of health and taste wonders with California Almonds, a testament to VZ USA’s commitment to premium quality.

Key Features

• Delightfully Crunchy & Tasty
• Heart-Healthy and Cholesterol-Free
• Packed with Vitamin E and Antioxidants
• Beneficial for Skin and Hair
• Dietary Fiber Powerhouse

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The Golden Essence of California Almonds

Step into the delightful universe of California Almonds by VZ USA. Cultivated with passion, our almonds are a reflection of the golden state’s sun-kissed charm and nature’s nourishing touch.

Embark on a Healthful Journey

Integrate the nutritional might of California Almonds into your life. Be it as a snack, a culinary ingredient, or a health supplement, the choice is yours. Shop now and nurture your body and soul.


1/2 LB / 235 G, 1 LB / 470 G, 1,000 KG / 2,200 LB, 20,000 KB / 44,000 LB

VZ USA is an agricultural farmhouse for producing and selling nuts and edible seeds in Los Angeles, CA.

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