VZ USA: Uniting Global Tastes, Specializing in Nut Markets of China, Germany, Japan, Latin America, and Turkey.

Taste California's Best Nuts

Celebrating Local Flavors:

VZ USA delivers global flavors to you, from Latin America's zest to Japan's elegance. We carefully select offerings to mirror the unique essence of regions like China, Germany, Japan, Latin America, and Turkey, not just providing products but cultural experiences that celebrate diverse tastes and traditions.

Forging Global Connections:

At VZ USA, we're more than traders; we're global connectors. Our approach combines strong trade practices with global partnerships and respect for local customs, cultivating trust and reliability in every interaction.

Innovative Partnerships:

VZ USA champions collaborative innovation, partnering with local artisans and suppliers worldwide. These alliances enrich our offerings, blending modern innovation with traditional flavors, amplifying our global footprint.

Taste the World’s Best Nuts at VZ USA

Explore the meticulous blend of Californian craftsmanship with global traditions. Embrace VZ USA's tailored solutions and be part of our expansive global family.

VZ USA is an agricultural farmhouse for producing and selling nuts and edible seeds in Los Angeles, CA.

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